Friday, October 10, 2014

I had it all set up to give it to Ted Hankey this week, after seeing Ted's future get even bleaker after losing out in a a place in the Masters and Lakeshite, but at least Ted seems to care alittle, and at least tries, and gives a shit about losing.
Barney is a total disgrace, always an excuse, he should have retired after his Las Vegas  speech years ago.
His performance last night was awful, surprised the doctors on TSoD did not diagnose it as a stroke like they did with Ted when he made a fool of himself in the GrandSlam .

Speaking of doctors, last year Doctor Barry Hearn said James Wade was omitted from the Premier League citing mental frailties, well curious to see if Baz will make the same diagnosis of Barney who is in a far worse mental state than Wade ever was or will be.
Since headshaker is the reigning chump, I expect he will be back next year., no doubt hyped to the eyeballs by sky as usual.

Good to see the Irish fans deservedly boo the sweaty dutch cunt, maybe now mental midgets like Dave Clarke, Wayne Mardle and others who hype this barrel of monkey spunk might realize what all darts fans have known for years, that Barney is done and should fuck off .