Friday, July 4, 2014

Been a quiet week, but therein lies the problem, we are all aware of what is happening in PDC, we had 2 weekends of streamed darts from the Austria & Gibraltar, we have the Matchplay coming up and another Euro tour prior to that that will also be streamed from Dusseldorf .

In the BDO nothing , yes some will say the England masters is on soon but thats an EDO event which the BDO have fuckall to do with running, this dozy yellow toothed inbred muck savage could not run herself a fucking bath.

This weekend the so called prestigious Gold Cup is on, did anyone ever remember, does anyone ever care ?
In this day and age when kids and autistic morons  can run their own tv channels you wonder how hard could it be for the BDO to stream this.
These backward thinking potbellied morons of epic proportions in the BDO rather piggyback of the work of others and claim events as theirs just because a few scabby points are attached to events.

The EDO,, WDO and other organisations do all the work and these lecherous cunts try take credit for it, instead of promoting their own events.

No doubt this Gold Cup will be hailed as a huge success, full of household names, classic matches and a good family atmosphere.