Friday, June 20, 2014

Been a while since the spineless sack of human shit won this weekly award, even if he should be a life time member of the club. This week like another time in the past I am gonna post a write up written by a member of the

Over the weekend, all of the top players will be heading down to Selsey to play in the EDO English Open, one of the better run events on the calendar. Well, all except one that is (if you ignore Martin Phillips who doesn't tour much anyway). A certain Martin Adams.

Rather than play for one of the best prize funds on the Open calendar and the potential to get exposure on Eurosport, Martin has decided to continue to cut off his nose to spite his face over his silly spat with the EDO and hasn't bothered entering. So rather than throwing tungsten this weekend and earning up to £5k, Martin can enjoy the weekend at home in the nice weather with Sharon. Oh, wait...

Hard to argue with any of that.No doubt those  who support spineless will be the same people who think that there is too much darts on tv these days, with that crime only compounded by the audacity of the pdc to offer great prize money on top of it.

The news that the PDC have now announced the Singapore Masters to the calender wont sit well with some, afterall its not " proper darts" a term used by the Spineless knob of the week